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Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, Rome

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

"It's my last night in Rome. Kids are jumping and circling around big blueish soap bubbles. It is a fun theater play filled with laughter and joy. Then there is this girl. She picks up her dog and comes to a complete standstill while the soap bubble slowly moves in front of her."

For me, this picture symbolizes childhood innocence and the way of seeing the world with a magical wonder. Do you remember when we were young and just did what felt good to us? We created things freely, solved whatever got in our way and when asked by the grown ups how it will turn out we would just say I DON’T KNOW but it’s going to be great. We have this powerful perspective in us and we can try to use it when life has obstacles and can become unbearably unpredictable.

I struggled with perfectionism and I believed with no education in art I didn't deserve to be out there together with other great photographers and artists. I’ve learned that expressing myself in any art form isn't about being correct. It’s not even about me. It’s about wondering about questions in life. It's about creating an imaginative world for you to explore together with me.

So while you are here, looking at this picture, what comes up? What do you think, feel and wonder? We can ponder on questions about fear and joy, childhood innocence, hope and doubt. And maybe after a while things become a bit more understandable and we feel less alone. Who knows where your mind will take you? I DON’T KNOW but it’s going to be great.

© Ashna Rodjan 2012
Rome, Italy

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